Jesus Never Fails

On my way home from the office, a jeepney cut the jeepney I was riding, and it's rear slogan reads "Jesus Never Fails" It actually made me smile and I said to myself, I'll blog about this statement. So here I am, blogging about it without an actual train of thought. Just blogging what's on my mind.

The reason why it made me smile was because It's a nice thought, Jesus never fails. It is us who fail, we fail in a lot of things, sometimes blaming luck or fate when things didn't go the way we planned. Thinking about it more, there were times when Jesus could've failed. When he was praying, asking "My God, my God why have you foresaken me" he could've just given up but he rose to his position as God's Son and saved us all.

Maybe we can fail less if we change the way we think about things. If we dont blame anyone or anything about faults and disorders in our lives. If we start acting up instead of backing down. If we start being a person of Integrity. If we start thinking positively, then we may minimize failures in our lives

after all failure is just a state of mind


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