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Ink Smooshing Tutorial

There's this technique that I really like using. It's called "Ink Smooshing" and it makes this watercolor, spatter effect. It's very easy to do and it needs ZERO creativity! Probably why this technique appealed to me so much.

The name came from the action that you do in order to achieve the watercolor effect, which is "smooshing" ink on paper. Personally I really like the word "smoosh" and "smooshing". It makes it sound like it's a really fun thing to do; and it is.

Something to note though is that the pattern will be pretty random and cannot be replicated since how the ink is smooshed on the paper unpredictable. You can exercise some sort of control on which colors to use, how much ink gets on the paper, and where the colors go.

I also noticed that most of the time when I'm doing this, my initial reaction is it looks ugly, but as I put in more colors and splatters, I see it get prettier. There are instances when I really di…

Super Easy Biscuits

This biscuit is my go to recipe for when I want to eat bread or cupcakes but I'm too lazy to bake or I don't have all the ingredients I need. All it takes to make these are: Flour, baking powder, butter, and milk. Everything is a kitchen staple! I use evaporated milk to make it more rich and creamy!
Of course the crumb is not the same as bread made with yeast or a moist cake but it would definitely do if you need a quick fix.

You know how when a craving hits you hard (read: PMS) and you just want one now and you don't have time to proof bread, don't have the energy to whip up a cake, and definitely don't want to go out and buy anything? Oh boy did these biscuits save me!

The biscuits are best eaten on the same day, but then again, these taste so good they wont last the entire day! I've been making this since I was in 2nd year college and whenever I made a batch, I had to set aside a few pieces to make sure I had baon for the next day! haha!

I used to eat these…

Catching Up

Wow, it's been 6 years since I last updated this blog. A lot has happened IRL (in real life).

I was scrolling through the my posts, and the most recent one was a bento post. I remember the days when the bento supplies available here in the Philippines were so few. I thought of opening up a shop of my own but couldn't get it off the ground. I guess was I was too afraid to invest that I didn't put in my best effort to find a supplier. Fast forward to today, bento-ing is a booming craft. Lots of Filipina moms are doing it, which means more stores are selling bento-tools. How do I know? I've frequented a lot of the local hives of Filipina moms - Facebook Mommy Groups!

In the 6 years that passed, I got married and started a family with my then nicknamed SDEHBF (super duper extra hot boyfriend). I still think he's super duper extra hot, even if he doesn't believe me. LOL. I mean, I dont know about you but these photos do tell me he is still that SDEHBF I've had …