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Will try to go 'No Poo' this weekend

It's not what you think. I will of course make my bowels moves over the weekend. No Poo means not using the regular, store-bought-chemically-induced shampoos available in the market today. No Poo means not using shampoos and use another more environment-friendly (and possibly more healthful) alternative for cleaning your hair.

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Save Your Body, Save Your Money, Save Your World

Looking for inspiration
I was scouring the net to find an inspiration for a green blog and I found a lot of articles, most of them are boring though, or, too informative. Too much information to make your mind stop working and just stare blankly at the screen.

Since green living is closely related to living healthy, I found my way into a lot of healthy living articles and dawdled with those for a few minutes (or maybe hours, I dunno). There was this article about drinking wat

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My Birthday gift wishlisht

This is the second time that I'm not too hyped with my birthday. Does this feeling come with age? Well, I don't dread growing old, in fact, I welcome the idea very much. Can't wait to be 25!

Anyway, it's probably because I know that birthdays now isn't how it used to be when I wasn't working yet. If I want a party, I have to spend for it. Since I rarely have money, I don't throw a party. I just ride with my mum's party. If she tells me to invite someone, I'd be glad to invite a few friends.

Also one big factor is the gifts. I know it's wrong to be materialistic, but there's something about ripping presents that's super duper extra satisfying. It makes me smile!!! :) Come to think of it, I don't mind what's inside the wrapper, I just want to rip out the paper and find something orange inside! Haha! I know it's not very environment friendly, but that paper is recyclable. I could turn it to craft paper or that paper trashcan that …