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Life Lessons I Learned at Splash Island

Last Saturday was our annual company outing. This year, we went to Splash Island and had a "splasing good time". Through the course of the day (until midnight), I learned and remembered a lot of valuable lessons. Here are some of them: 1. No matter how tired you are, you'll still enjoy and tire yourself even more when you're with friends. 2. Friends are there to coach you and help you conquer your fear (even though they don't phrase it properly) 3. Friends will always, always give a helping hand, especially in dire need. 4. No matter how much you hate the guts of your friend, you still can't find it in your heart to tell on him 5. There are levels in friendship. Our goal should be to be at the top level. 6. You can do anything if you can face the consequences 7. What's worse than doing something wrong? Seeing someone who's doing something wrong and not correcting it. 8. The stupidest and simplest of things can give us utmost happiness. 9. Th…

My BBS1 Adventure

Last weekend I attended our Church's annual Basic Bible Seminar 1. I really wanted to attend it this year but it was announced on such a short notice. My schedule was full-up that I thought I won't be able to attend.

The first day (night) of BBS1, I was supposed to have dinner with SDEHBF. He just arrived in manila after a week-long vacation in his province in Bicol. We were really looking forward to the dinner date. On the same night, my office friends planned a videoke party at a nearby bar. We were celebrating a lot of stuff, plus we had to spend the 2000 peso winnings we earned in last year's Christmas party. I had 2 dates already conflicting for the night, but I already worked out a plan to go with my friends first while waiting for SDEHBF's work shift to end, and then meet with him for a late dinner. But after all the planning that I did, I ended up doing neither and just attended the BBS 1 seminar. I just asked SDEHBF to pick me up at the Shrine at 10 pm so we c…