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inlove versus love

Bossa Nova, yellow lights, a relaxed atmoshphere, alone, and a long time to kill are all ingredients for a reflection. This time, the idea of love and being inlove is running in circles inside my head. I've memorized this line I thought of already, what with the countless times I thought about this? "Love starts when being inlove ends". Of course, that statement doesn't hold true all the time. This statement is not actually meant to be a definition of love but it's the challenge of love. This is how you know if you truly love the person. It's easier to forgive, to put yourself aside, to change yourself when you're in love. Naturally! You're so high with "love chemicals" that you're to numb to even care how much it would normally hurt, or be a bother. It's wonderful how the body works, but once you mind catches up with your body, when you start crashing down from your high, that's when loving starts. That's when things are st…

Joing the Social Ministry of our Church

I love being a church worker. I've been with our Church's Parish Youth Ministry for years now, and I've enjoyed the roller coaster ride it have been giving me these past few years. I'm not getting any younger though, and as much as I want to stay in the ministry, I can't, well not for very long. I have to venture out and serve God in a different ministry. Something with a more specific goal (aside from evangelizing).

When I was in High School, I wanted to be part of the Lector-Commentator Ministry. I love to read and I'm not afraid of speaking in front of many people, so it was a really good fit for me. My mum joined in and I found out that it's a very difficult ministry to join in. It'll be very difficult to balance my work, family, love and social life if I join in. Also, I wanted an approach where people really listen. LCM don't always achieve that. No matter how great they read, there will really be people who are mentally absent and just answer…