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Ped Xing

Obey - Disobey, Drive - Bribe
I hate the traffic rules here in the Philippines. It is rarely applied on the roads. MMDA patrols and other traffic officers let you go if you give them 50 bucks or more. "Pang merienda" as they say. While driving, officers will flag you down and tell you which rule you are violating, when infact, you were just following a car infront of you, whom they didn't reprimand. Most times, invisible traffic signs are pointed out to you, saying you violated the goddam thing. The sign, if it really exists, is barely intelligible, let alone, readable.

It will take you about 5 to 30 minutes to get out of that mishap. To get out of it quickly, you'll need to know people from high places, like general whathisname, senator whoever or chief friedlumpia. This style works if you really know these people, otherwise it doesn't affect them at all. Usually, these "reprimanding OFFICERS" pave the way into the "merienda" gig, but sometime…