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P-Noy this and P-Noy that

I'm not a P-Noy fan. I want to make this clear early on. I'm not a fan, definitely not a supporter. I'm just your average citizen, and probably more.

A trying-hard model citizen

I do try to live everyday by the law. I don't just cross the street, I cross on pedestrian lanes or over-passes. I don't litter. I obey traffic rules (not that I have a car but as a pedestrian and as someone who rides vehicles). I pay my taxes right. I earn clean and honest money. I'm just setting this straight because people might say I have no right to talk the way I am about to. Just to re-stress, I PAY MY TAXES RIGHT

For me though, P-Noy is so over-rated. People regard him like a savior of some sort. Come on! He hasn't even done anything concrete yet. All he did was sit on a chair during senate sessions and be a good kid to mumi and the best brother to his sisters. Quite frankly, he's just an average citizen like me, who had the chance to be senator (who knows, I m…