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The Doraemon Syndrome

Last Sunday, during afternoon snack, Papa, my baby brother and I talking. I guess it had been a favorite past time of ours to bully my baby brother and rile him about his weight and his habits, because we eventually started bullying him. (Yes, Papa included). I dunno how we arrived at how my baby brother was like Nobita in Doraemon, but we did. Papa said that my baby brother's very much like Nobita who always regrets things. Papa said that at the start of the story, there's always something that Nobita has to do. As the story progresses, Nobita just carries on with what he wants and not what he's supposed to do, and when he's already in a tight spot, he'll realize his mistake and then turn to Doraemon for help. He'll borrow something or beg Doraemon to do something so that he can get out of the mess, or to fix the mess. Tsk tsk tsk. Nobita full of regrets and then using Doraemon to solve the problem. How very childish.

My baby brother retaliated by defending t…