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bitter [bíttər] adjective 1. strong and sharp in taste: having a sharp strong unpleasant taste, for example like that of orange peel 2. resentful: angry and resentful a bitter smile3. difficult to accept: painful or very hard to accept a bitter blow4. hostile: expressing intense hostility bitter fighting.5. very cold: penetratingly and unpleasantly cold a bitter windMicrosoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Bitter is a common expression here in the Philippines. When you're bitter, you're sulking because things didnt go your way. You think that you deserved better, the person who wronged you was, well, wrong, and you, though not totally right, is mostly right. When you're bitter, you are no different to an egotisticBastard.
All you think about is yourself,
how you are mostly right, or
how badly you've been hurt, or
how peeved you are in the injustice done to you, or
all of the …

Ped Xing

Obey - Disobey, Drive - Bribe
I hate the traffic rules here in the Philippines. It is rarely applied on the roads. MMDA patrols and other traffic officers let you go if you give them 50 bucks or more. "Pang merienda" as they say. While driving, officers will flag you down and tell you which rule you are violating, when infact, you were just following a car infront of you, whom they didn't reprimand. Most times, invisible traffic signs are pointed out to you, saying you violated the goddam thing. The sign, if it really exists, is barely intelligible, let alone, readable.

It will take you about 5 to 30 minutes to get out of that mishap. To get out of it quickly, you'll need to know people from high places, like general whathisname, senator whoever or chief friedlumpia. This style works if you really know these people, otherwise it doesn't affect them at all. Usually, these "reprimanding OFFICERS" pave the way into the "merienda" gig, but sometime…


Missing President
I woke up this morning to the angry voice of the am radio news caster of DZXL RMN-Manila. He was so angry that President Gloria Arroyo was out of the country on the day that typhoon Frank hit the Philippines with very strong winds and rains. He ranted that while the Filipino people are suffering, Pres. Arroyo was out talking to "Uncle Sam", as he said.

Sheesh, he's such a pain in the ear. Imagine waking up to his close mindedness. It's not like the president could have foreseen that the damage would be that bad. How was she to know that a ship will still sail despite the bad weather. It's not like she intentionally left the country to avoid the typhoon. Meetings with heads of countries are scheduled waaaaay ahead of the target date. Besides, even if she wanted to come back immediately to the Philippines, she can't 'cause airports are closed and even if she has a special landing strip; the risk to her life is so great. If she dies trying to…

Tuition fee increase

In real life
Went to school yesterday to enroll. Settled issues regarding my ever so lag OJT. Good thing my mum gave me a blank check cause the tuition fee increased by 1k (or more...or less) for those who are paying in full, and 2k ++ for those who will pay by installment.

What's the point of giving a tuition fee matrix if they are going to increase the tuition fee anyway? Someone told me that the tuition fee increased the day before we enrolled. The tuition fee matrix were available I think since 2nd semester of last school year. And if my friend is correct, they already increased the tuition fee by 6-7k already(this was the amount in the matrix). I don't think they disclosed a breakdown of the recent tuition fee increase. I'll ask about that on tuesday.

I can count them with just one hand
Sure, price of basic commodities and gas is rising, but hey, we're affected too! The fee would have been worth paying if most of our teachers and professors are good and profe…


Not Free
I can honestly say that i haven't lived a free life. Ever since i was a kid, choices in my life were made by my parents. Of course, when you're a kid, parents really make choices for you. For example: I can't choose where to go to school because lets face it, what does a kid know about quality education when he/she have only lived in this world for 5 years, and knows the world as full of rainbows, butterflies, good home-cooked meals and Jollibee.

As we grow, our parents are obliged to slowly set us free. My parents does this too, but i guess they're not too good at doing this. They still make major decisions for me, and when they don't or can't, they persuade me to do what they want me to do. If I don't do as they please, and my decision turns out to be wrong, they'll bring it up every occasion that they can. When I do as they please and I am unhappy, I am not to mention that I am unhappy because they'll get angry. They'll probably…

150,000 gross income exempted from income tax

We were listening to the news on the way home, and there was a report about the income tax exemption of people earning 150k a year. The bill is now on its 3rd reading (i don't know which house). So we estimated that people earning 10k a month will be exempted.

Increase in the income tax rate
I don't want this to happen because it will be the struggling middle-class, fair off middle class and high(?) class who will pay these. It's unfair for us who are able to earn more than 150k a year, especially for the struggling middle class. If a lot of struggling middle class families fail to make ends meet, then more families might cross the poverty line, consequentlyincreasing the number of poor people in the Philippines

another con in this bill which i think is highly feasible, is its effect on inflation. Right now, we are experiencing a surge in prices.When this bill is passed, the inflation rate will again increase. When the people exempted from income tax receive their pa…

The Win-win Solution

ok.. from my previous blog, i had this dilemma wherein i had to choose between my family and my responsibilities. Well, I really wanted to do both and GOD provided a solution for us.

There was one family, the Cabaluñas, who had to go late because they had other matters to attend to also. They were to leave antipolo at 3.. Mum said that I ask my co-officers to speed up the meeting so I could hitch with them. I decided that no matter what happens, i have to leave at 2:30, whether the meeting finished or not. My mum called at around 2pm to tell me that the Cabaluñas aren't leaving til 6pm, but I should leave the meeting at 3:30 just in case they leave early. So, at quarter to 4 I left the meeting which was very fruitful. We almost finished the agenda for the meeting before I left.

I got home at around 6pm. I met up with the Cabaluñas at 7. It was a fun trip. Talked to Nigel all the way. Got lost for about 3 hours ( I think) in batangas because of erroneous instructions (courtesy of m…

Family vs. Responsibility

This saturday will be the general meeting of SITE. It was planned last april and its really pushing through despite its conflict with other school/org activities of our president.

This weekend, is the team building of the company my parents and their friends started. It will be in batangas, near taal lake..where we can kayak and mum said tito egay bought an inflatable jet-ski so we can jetski around the lake. Don't ask me what the jetski looks like or how it is able to move, turn etc.. I honestly don't know, though it sounds amazing.. imagine.. INFLATABLE.. hahaha

I really want to go to the team building, I really want to try kayak-ing.. I thought i could do that in bora..but they dont have kayak rentals (and wake boarding.. bummer.. all the water things i want to try despite the fact that I'm so scared of drowning.) plus the inflatable jet ski really caught my attention. I also want to know what sort of activities are done in team we could do those in SITE'…

A little white lie

white lie

harmless lie: a lie perceived or intended not to harm, but told in order to avoid distress or embarrassment Microsoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
What is a white lie? and why is it colored white? Why can't it be colored orange and be called an orange lie?I have a quick, simple answer, which you probably have thought too. It's because of the meaning of the color white. White symbolizes purity. While is orange enthusiasm, and you shouldn't be at all enthusiastic about telling a lie. So i guess that's it, lying with "pure" intentions.
or it can be because the color white can be blinding. To much white can hurt our eyes so we squint and turn the other way around, protect ourselves from being blinded.
or it could be both.

I'm sure most of us have been in a situation where we had to lie because 'goodness' forced us to do so. The most common reason for us Filipinos is "ayaw kong sa…


It took me a long time to think what my blog url would be. I wanted to create a blog that would broadcast my thoughts about serious things. I really envy those who make great blogs and make people think. I wanted to be a writer for that particular reason. I want to be someone who will encourage people to think, to share their opinions, stimulate the critical and analytical minds of my readers.

so back to my url. it's obknic.. from the word oblique. It's slanted. My blogs are my opinion. It contains facts that i chose to stress and prove my point. Hence, slanted.

SO, this is basically it.