Saturday, 15 November 2008


1. strong and sharp in taste: having a sharp strong unpleasant taste, for example like that of orange peel
2. resentful: angry and resentful
  • a bitter smile
  • 3. difficult to accept: painful or very hard to accept
  • a bitter blow
  • 4. hostile: expressing intense hostility
  • bitter fighting.
  • 5. very cold: penetratingly and unpleasantly cold
  • a bitter wind
  • Microsoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Bitter is a common expression here in the Philippines. When you're bitter, you're sulking because things didnt go your way. You think that you deserved better, the person who wronged you was, well, wrong, and you, though not totally right, is mostly right. When you're bitter, you are no different to an egotistic Bastard.

    All you think about is yourself,

    1. how you are mostly right, or
    2. how badly you've been hurt, or
    3. how peeved you are in the injustice done to you, or
    4. all of the above
    There is no smaller package in all the world than that of a man all wrapped up in himself.
    - William Sloane Coffin, Jr

    In my opinion, being bitter isn't really that bad, it's just a person's way of reacting and coping to the stimulus/i life has given. We're not robots who can't feel any pain, nor are we sponges that just absorbs everything that happens to us. We are humans, with feelings. We feel everything in our world. It's alright to feel like the underdog, to be bitter. At least we're not hurting somebody else or other people at that.

    Bitterness only becomes a terrible fiend when you are wallowing in your bitterness too much that you become so saturated of bitternes that it turns to anger. When this happens, you let out your bitterness and anger through everything you do. You reach a higher level of egotistic Bastard, you are now an egotistic sonofabitch.. When you reach this level, you only don't think your almost right or a victim of injustice, you now think this way:
    1. REVENGE1! I will avenge my lost pride/credibility! I will hurt all those who wronged me
    2. REVENGE2! Why am i the only person experiencing this, i should also let those around me experience this. It's not fair that I'm the only one going through this
    3. REVENGE3! It's not fair that I experienced this. Even though I'm "over" it, I will let those who are lower than me/I can bully/are my subordinates feel the same way.
    "Sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel." ~Author Unknown
    When you reach this level, you are not human anymore. You have lost one of the most powerful tool that most humans posses. The power of empathy. The power of feeling. the power of being human. You are now a parasite, a leach, an egotistic sonofabitch with very low self esteem because you need people to bow down to you before you can fully enjoy living. You take joy in people's misery and it is painful for you to give other's happiness because you can't take they're happiness. You want them to be just like you. Never happy, never satisfied, never listens.

    "Arrogance and rudeness are training wheels on the bicycle of life -- for weak people who cannot keep their balance without them."
    - Laura Teresa Marquez

    Bitter people have the tendency to always find a way to continue their bitterness, nothing can banish the misery they have inflicted upon themselves. Solutions are always there, they just have to find it.

    Sometimes you have to listen to what others speak of you. Not just hear it and fill yourself with bitterness and anger. Listen, and there you will realize what monster you have become. When that happens, you'll know what to do.

    Post Disclaimer: If you feel that this was made to attack your person, then you are now a egotistic sonofsbitch and i recommend that you try releasing the anger welled up inside of you.

    Goof conversations are good starts. You may want to practicing listening, this way, more people would like to have a more fun and closer relationship with you

    Tuesday, 7 October 2008

    Ped Xing

    Obey - Disobey, Drive - Bribe
    I hate the traffic rules here in the Philippines. It is rarely applied on the roads. MMDA patrols and other traffic officers let you go if you give them 50 bucks or more. "Pang merienda" as they say. While driving, officers will flag you down and tell you which rule you are violating, when infact, you were just following a car infront of you, whom they didn't reprimand. Most times, invisible traffic signs are pointed out to you, saying you violated the goddam thing. The sign, if it really exists, is barely intelligible, let alone, readable.

    It will take you about 5 to 30 minutes to get out of that mishap. To get out of it quickly, you'll need to know people from high places, like general whathisname, senator whoever or chief friedlumpia. This style works if you really know these people, otherwise it doesn't affect them at all. Usually, these "reprimanding OFFICERS" pave the way into the "merienda" gig, but sometimes you have to initiate it. 50 bucks'll do. sometimes even a 20 if they really invented the scenario.

    Big sign, barely visible?
    I commute on the way to school. I ride the LRT, get off at Legarda station, ride a pedicab or jeepney then walk to school. Before reaching UST, I have to cross España cor. Lacson. There is a pedestrian lane painted on the street (duh), and there is a line preceding the pedestrian lane, an indication that vehicles should stop there, so as not to block the pedestrian lane. Drivers however - especial especially those who drive public utitlity vehicles, disregard this. They cross over the line, and block the pedestrian lane. The front of their bumpers are in line with the end of the center island, if they accelerate even just a little, the pedestrians have to walk on Lacson street, where vehicle traffic is crossing.

    There are some who follow the line though, but the instant that a vehicle crosses that line, all front row cars will follow suit. As if "nalalamangan". You just have to be the car with the most extended front.

    It really bugs me that there are MMDA's just across the street but they dont ward off those pesky drivers. What will those drivers get if they cross that effing line? They still need to stop and give way to the crossing traffic, and they'll still be first in their lane to cross the intersection when the stop light turns green. So why the hell cross that pedestrian lane and give the pedestrians a hard time crossing the street?

    Is it so hard to step on the brakes a few meters or inches before that line?

    Is it so inhumane for us Filipinos that some get ahead of us, that we need to be equal or greater than them?

    Is it?

    Tuesday, 24 June 2008


    Missing President
    I woke up this morning to the angry voice of the am radio news caster of DZXL RMN-Manila. He was so angry that President Gloria Arroyo was out of the country on the day that typhoon Frank hit the Philippines with very strong winds and rains. He ranted that while the Filipino people are suffering, Pres. Arroyo was out talking to "Uncle Sam", as he said.

    Sheesh, he's such a pain in the ear. Imagine waking up to his close mindedness. It's not like the president could have foreseen that the damage would be that bad. How was she to know that a ship will still sail despite the bad weather. It's not like she intentionally left the country to avoid the typhoon. Meetings with heads of countries are scheduled waaaaay ahead of the target date. Besides, even if she wanted to come back immediately to the Philippines, she can't 'cause airports are closed and even if she has a special landing strip; the risk to her life is so great. If she dies trying to get back in the Philippines, I am 90% sure there will be anarchy as every politician would like to take control of the position. The president has an enough number of subordinates to man the country. She isn't a god to stop the winds from howling. And let's be thankful she isn't.

    If a Face Could Launch a Thousand Ships
    I really dont know why the MV Princess of the Stars of Sulpicio Lines still set sail. Super Ferry and Negros Navigation cancelled theirs, A warning that the weather is bound to turn from bad to worst. But still, they sailed. And i really don't know why those who got ther trips postponed due to bad weather still wanted to get to their destinations. Sure they might be in a hurry, but why hurry if you are risking your life?

    From TV, We saw that the ship sank near land. The reason people probably drowned was because of fear of the huge waves. and of course the deep water. But still, if you werent REEEAAAALLY panicking, you could have reached land by floating.

    Raining like Cat and Dogs
    It's raining cat's and dogs at Sulipcio Lines. All the people clamoring for information and some even tongue lashing at the staff..

    Both parties should understand the standing of each one. Sulpicio Lines should understand that the families of those who boarded their ship is so damn worried and hoping to find their loved ones, and not talking to them makes them even more worried.

    The families, on the other hand should understand that getting their desired information takes time to retrieve, verify and collate.

    God is Good
    Though the calamity had a very bad effect, we should atleast be thankful that casualties aren't as large and devastating as China's.

    Now let us join our hands and pray for the safety of the unfound survivors, the recovering survivors, the families of the departed. Let us pray for our country. That God embrace and protect us more.

    Wednesday, 4 June 2008

    Tuition fee increase

    In real life
    Went to school yesterday to enroll. Settled issues regarding my ever so lag OJT. Good thing my mum gave me a blank check cause the tuition fee increased by 1k (or more...or less) for those who are paying in full, and 2k ++ for those who will pay by installment.

    What's the point of giving a tuition fee matrix if they are going to increase the tuition fee anyway? Someone told me that the tuition fee increased the day before we enrolled. The tuition fee matrix were available I think since 2nd semester of last school year. And if my friend is correct, they already increased the tuition fee by 6-7k already(this was the amount in the matrix). I don't think they disclosed a breakdown of the recent tuition fee increase. I'll ask about that on tuesday.

    I can count them with just one hand
    Sure, price of basic commodities and gas is rising, but hey, we're affected too! The fee would have been worth paying if most of our teachers and professors are good and professional, but instead we get professors with no ethics and or has a bad habbit of making life difficult for students. Yeah, they'll argue that the problem lies in the student, but NO. MOST PROBLEMS BEGIN WITH THE PROFESSORS. I know a few professors who can explain and make their students understand their lessons. and these professors aren't lax at all. Oh no.. they are strict when it comes to academics but they make it a point to reach out to their students and help them out. Now, how many of these type of professors do we have in our faculty?

    Thursday, 15 May 2008


    Not Free
    I can honestly say that i haven't lived a free life. Ever since i was a kid, choices in my life were made by my parents. Of course, when you're a kid, parents really make choices for you. For example: I can't choose where to go to school because lets face it, what does a kid know about quality education when he/she have only lived in this world for 5 years, and knows the world as full of rainbows, butterflies, good home-cooked meals and Jollibee.

    As we grow, our parents are obliged to slowly set us free. My parents does this too, but i guess they're not too good at doing this. They still make major decisions for me, and when they don't or can't, they persuade me to do what they want me to do. If I don't do as they please, and my decision turns out to be wrong, they'll bring it up every occasion that they can. When I do as they please and I am unhappy, I am not to mention that I am unhappy because they'll get angry. They'll probably think that I'm an ingrate.

    Defending Myself
    Most of the arguments with my folks are with my mum. We always clash. Anything she says that I don't like, it automatically ticks me off, and vice versa. My dad easily gets pissed when I get clumsy. And when we argue, I let them go about with their ranting then i defend myself. I admit, when I defend myself, I don't use the right tone of voice, but hey, It's difficult to keep my voice level when i'm so pissed. So of course my defense sets them off and it sets me off as well. so boom! I end up always wrong and they end up always right. I end up crying alone and they end up telling everybody how bad a child I am.

    I am a repressed person, and I owe it all to my parents. If I am not scared of setting them off, then i won't be repressed at all. haha. I hate being scolded and I especially hate being told off because of a story that i shared, especially if it's not about me. so I hold my stories too, or I only share those which i have scrutinized and concluded that i won't be told off. I'm scared of saying how I feel because if they don't like what I feel, i will be forced to abandon that feeling.

    Sure I'm happy with my family. I'm happy thinking about them and my plans for them if i have money. I'm happy with my folks cause i grew up to be more or less a disciplined citizen and an honest person. I owe it all them. It may take me a long time to get my freedom, and when I get it, it still isn't freedom because I have responsibilities to my country and to those I love.

    I will never get my freedom.

    I'll get over it.

    We all can't have it anyway.

    Monday, 12 May 2008

    150,000 gross income exempted from income tax

    We were listening to the news on the way home, and there was a report about the income tax exemption of people earning 150k a year. The bill is now on its 3rd reading (i don't know which house). So we estimated that people earning 10k a month will be exempted.

    Increase in the income tax rate
    I don't want this to happen because it will be the struggling middle-class, fair off middle class and high(?) class who will pay these. It's unfair for us who are able to earn more than 150k a year, especially for the struggling middle class. If a lot of struggling middle class families fail to make ends meet, then more families might cross the poverty line, consequently increasing the number of poor people in the Philippines

    another con in this bill which i think is highly feasible, is its effect on inflation. Right now, we are experiencing a surge in prices.When this bill is passed, the inflation rate will again increase. When the people exempted from income tax receive their paychecks (or whatever), their purchasing power has increased because they now have more disposable income. Hence, they have more money to spend, their demand for goods and services will also increase; And seeing that demand is directly proportional to price (P=D/S), Prices will shoot upward and thus, inflation.

    I know a lot of people will think that this bill is beneficial. People think that with the increase in prices,an increase in their purchasing power will help them make ends meet, but the result is quite the contrary. Although, I also think this bill is beneficial, but still, this is not the time to implement it if ever it becomes a law. A lot of Filipinos fall under those who are earning 150k or less a year and the sudden increase in the number of legal tenders is one sure way of starting economic inflation.

    Disclaimer: I am no economics expert and all the things related to economics found in this blog entry, especially regarding inflation are based from the things that I learned in school under the subject: Economics, Taxation and Agrarian Reform.

    The Win-win Solution

    ok.. from my previous blog, i had this dilemma wherein i had to choose between my family and my responsibilities. Well, I really wanted to do both and GOD provided a solution for us.

    There was one family, the Cabaluñas, who had to go late because they had other matters to attend to also. They were to leave antipolo at 3.. Mum said that I ask my co-officers to speed up the meeting so I could hitch with them. I decided that no matter what happens, i have to leave at 2:30, whether the meeting finished or not. My mum called at around 2pm to tell me that the Cabaluñas aren't leaving til 6pm, but I should leave the meeting at 3:30 just in case they leave early. So, at quarter to 4 I left the meeting which was very fruitful. We almost finished the agenda for the meeting before I left.

    I got home at around 6pm. I met up with the Cabaluñas at 7. It was a fun trip. Talked to Nigel all the way. Got lost for about 3 hours ( I think) in batangas because of erroneous instructions (courtesy of my dad.. haha).

    We had to go back twice in a zigzag.. because they said 1 km from the end of the zigzag. we had to turn right... well, we already drove 7 miles from the end of the zigzag and still nothing. so we went back to the zigzag then back again to where we were originally. Only to find out that it was more than 7km from the zigzag. My dad told us that he'll meet us in shell 300m from where we turned right. we went back and forth 3x this time. Only to find out that it was about 1-2 km from where we turned right. haha.

    So when we got there i had to take a leak then Nigel and i had a drinking session. We drank fundador and we had no chaser. so we had to settle for air.. haha. When i decided that i'll need pulutan, we saw the 1/4 full baileys bottle. so we drank fundador chaser baileys. haha.

    Slept at around 2 woke up 9am.swam 9:30 with Kenzo.. I kayaked with Karla. It was fun. we were rowing away from the kids who at the moment they saw me bringing the kayak jumped on it. We were somewhere deep in the lake and we didnt realize it, when it was nico's and nigel's turn to ride the kayak. Karla and i jumped in the lake. Karla still had the life vest on,i removed it so i plunged and i had to swim up fast. scarrry. Haha

    at around 11:30, i taught Kenzo how to swim and i was successful. He now knows haw to swim (like a frog though). Kenzo also taught me how to get clams. We had a real blast looking for clams and just chatting away

    After lunch i sang my heart away in the videoke. yay :D

    Friday, 9 May 2008

    Family vs. Responsibility

    This saturday will be the general meeting of SITE. It was planned last april and its really pushing through despite its conflict with other school/org activities of our president.

    This weekend, is the team building of the company my parents and their friends started. It will be in batangas, near taal lake..where we can kayak and mum said tito egay bought an inflatable jet-ski so we can jetski around the lake. Don't ask me what the jetski looks like or how it is able to move, turn etc.. I honestly don't know, though it sounds amazing.. imagine.. INFLATABLE.. hahaha

    I really want to go to the team building, I really want to try kayak-ing.. I thought i could do that in bora..but they dont have kayak rentals (and wake boarding.. bummer.. all the water things i want to try despite the fact that I'm so scared of drowning.) plus the inflatable jet ski really caught my attention. I also want to know what sort of activities are done in team we could do those in SITE's team building.


    I also want to attend the meeting, not only because that I have to sign papers, get to see my friends and enjoy a couple of hours away from the clutches of parents' tyranny, I want to attend the meeting simply because I like and ENJOY what I am doing.

    I told my folks that i wouldn't join the batangas trip. I have a meeting and I'll stick to my responsibilities. My parents can't scold me for wanting to go to my org stuff, they know the benefits i reap from it, like the character building stuff I get. So they enticed me with the kayak and the INFLATABLE jet ski. They almost got me there.. haha.. then, they used the family card on me... i hate it... i feel so guilty but I WILL STICK TO MY RESPONSIBILITIES.

    Thursday, 8 May 2008

    A little white lie

    white lie


    harmless lie: a lie perceived or intended not to harm, but told in order to avoid distress or embarrassment

    Microsoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    What is a white lie? and why is it colored white? Why can't it be colored orange and be called an orange lie?

    I have a quick, simple answer, which you probably have thought too. It's because of the meaning of the color white. White symbolizes purity. While is orange enthusiasm, and you shouldn't be at all enthusiastic about telling a lie. So i guess that's it, lying with "pure" intentions.

    or it can be because the color white can be blinding. To much white can hurt our eyes so we squint and turn the other way around, protect ourselves from being blinded.

    or it could be both.

    I'm sure most of us have been in a situation where we had to lie because 'goodness' forced us to do so. The most common reason for us Filipinos is "ayaw kong saktan feelings nya"..,

    When we think about it, we tell white lies a lot and not think it's a white lie. For example you're crying in a corner and a friend sees. Your friend approaches you, pats you on the back and asks. "Hey, are you ok?" and our almost immediate answer is "yeah, ok lang ako" then you start sobbing hard.

    As a whole, white lies do not have a very impact. It doesn't matter much in the big picture. When your significant other asks you if he/she is fat, you wouldn't say yes, right? You would not say no, but instead soften the truth up a bit so it wouldn't hurt. You have "pure" intentions. You don't want to cause pain.

    But then again, let's see the gravity of these white lies. A little white lie to make someone look good can be dangerous. Especially coming from a person whom people rally to. For example, politicians. During campaign period, it is raining white lies. Every candidate has a "gig", a scheme, on how to catch the attention and reap the votes of the citizens. A lot of promises are made, like being for the poor, educational programs, sports programs and the likes, that come their term, never happens, or happens only when its nearing campaign period again and they are running for a reelection or someone from their family wants to run.

    It's a sad truth about our country, that we are still being fooled by white lies. That we continue to be blinded by the "whiteness" of their words.

    Wednesday, 7 May 2008


    It took me a long time to think what my blog url would be. I wanted to create a blog that would broadcast my thoughts about serious things. I really envy those who make great blogs and make people think. I wanted to be a writer for that particular reason. I want to be someone who will encourage people to think, to share their opinions, stimulate the critical and analytical minds of my readers.

    so back to my url. it's obknic.. from the word oblique. It's slanted. My blogs are my opinion. It contains facts that i chose to stress and prove my point. Hence, slanted.

    SO, this is basically it.