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Missing out

Have you ever felt that you missed out in a lot? Well, the feeling's mutual.

My parents are strict. I rarely go out of the house. It's not that they don't allow me to go out, It's just that they somehow managed to get it to my brain that they won't allow me to go out.

Childhood Memories
Being a kid is fun, you get to play all and read all day. My parent's let me play around a lot. I didn't find the need to go somewhere for playmates because my cousins and I live together (father side) in my grandmum's house, and every Sunday, we go to my aunt's place where I get to play with my other (mum side) cousins.

When we left my grandmum's home and lived in a huge rental house in Marikina, that's when my I felt my parent's strictness, they always wanted our playmates to play at home, and they rarely let us play outside. It wasn't much of a bother then too, cause our playmates were all too happy to play at our place. Lot's of hiding places and …