Loooong Weekend

This has been a tiring weekend for me. For starters, I don't seem to have a weekend cause of my jam-packed sched. I usually have my day off on Sundays but had it switched to Saturday so I could attend the Vicariate Youth Day (yesterday Nov. 7, 2009). The youth day started with a mass, then had a sustainable development talk. After lunch, we had a very tiring Amazing Race. (My team came in 7th! Go brown!!!! and no, there were more than 7 teams! there were about 15). Attended the 6pm anticipated mass, had dinner, waited for bry to call (2 hours of waiting!) dozed off at about 22:30.

I woke up at around 8am this morning from a very action-packed dream (I was in combat and was constantly running. It was also emotional and suspense-ful) and baked some brownies. Took a bath at around 10:30 and arrived at the office at quarter to 12. Made an exam for my beloved students and danced my ass off til 19:30. Bry arrived at the office and we picked on each other til 21:00. Arrived home at about 22:00 then ate, Bry ate and ran and I'm now waiting for him to get home safely and call me :D

I'm sooooo dead tired! and I'm starting to feel the aches in my body. I have a full-load tom (yay for OT pay, oh no no break!) Hope I can manage to put on a smile tomorrow


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