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Missing President
I woke up this morning to the angry voice of the am radio news caster of DZXL RMN-Manila. He was so angry that President Gloria Arroyo was out of the country on the day that typhoon Frank hit the Philippines with very strong winds and rains. He ranted that while the Filipino people are suffering, Pres. Arroyo was out talking to "Uncle Sam", as he said.

Sheesh, he's such a pain in the ear. Imagine waking up to his close mindedness. It's not like the president could have foreseen that the damage would be that bad. How was she to know that a ship will still sail despite the bad weather. It's not like she intentionally left the country to avoid the typhoon. Meetings with heads of countries are scheduled waaaaay ahead of the target date. Besides, even if she wanted to come back immediately to the Philippines, she can't 'cause airports are closed and even if she has a special landing strip; the risk to her life is so great. If she dies trying to…

Tuition fee increase

In real life
Went to school yesterday to enroll. Settled issues regarding my ever so lag OJT. Good thing my mum gave me a blank check cause the tuition fee increased by 1k (or more...or less) for those who are paying in full, and 2k ++ for those who will pay by installment.

What's the point of giving a tuition fee matrix if they are going to increase the tuition fee anyway? Someone told me that the tuition fee increased the day before we enrolled. The tuition fee matrix were available I think since 2nd semester of last school year. And if my friend is correct, they already increased the tuition fee by 6-7k already(this was the amount in the matrix). I don't think they disclosed a breakdown of the recent tuition fee increase. I'll ask about that on tuesday.

I can count them with just one hand
Sure, price of basic commodities and gas is rising, but hey, we're affected too! The fee would have been worth paying if most of our teachers and professors are good and profe…