Back on track

Okay, so I know i haven't blogged for a while, blogging lost it's novelty when I was soooo busy in school and so absorbed with work. Now I am not. I am not schooling and I'm not absorbed with work, so now I want to blog again! YAY for me!

I still dont know what to type in this blogsite though. When i first made this blog, I wanted it to have impact, to be a blog that people would visit because of it's content. I dont want it to be just an outlet of my screaming mind but silent lips. It seems though I have no choice but to do that.

I'm planning to make a vlog, but it would be videos of me playing the guitar and singing. I know I know it's not a pretty sight to see and it would definitely anger the savage beast, but it would be my motivation to try singing and playing the guitar properly. You have the option of not watching anyway. right? :D I'm thinking of a catchy tag for this vlog. How about bathroom sessions? since I plan to record the videos inside the bathroom. (Nice acoustics!) Hmm....

My blog ends here. I'm hungry already and have used 21 mins of my precious 1 hour break!!!!


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