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Focus.... focus... FOCUS

I've been attempting to update this blog for a few weeks now, but everytime I sit down and type something in, I feel like I'm slowly getitng in the zone and then - BAM! My mind goes blank and I feel like the wall of text in front of me just won't do for a blog post. I get lost in the middle of everything I'm trying to do.

2011 whizzed by as I tried to juggle and squeeze in everything I wanted to do. Maybe because deep down inside, I'm scared that the world might end next year and I didn't get to do what I wanted to do. I've been doing a lot of activities and I spent my year trying to hold on to everything. Trying to do everything. Maybe that's the reason why I can't blog properly. I'm trying to do so much that when I stop in the middle of my blogging just to check something, I totally loose my mojo.

To be honest, I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, contemplations about a lot of things that I'd love to put into writing, but just like with ho…

Will try to go 'No Poo' this weekend

It's not what you think. I will of course make my bowels moves over the weekend. No Poo means not using the regular, store-bought-chemically-induced shampoos available in the market today. No Poo means not using shampoos and use another more environment-friendly (and possibly more healthful) alternative for cleaning your hair.

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Save Your Body, Save Your Money, Save Your World

Looking for inspiration
I was scouring the net to find an inspiration for a green blog and I found a lot of articles, most of them are boring though, or, too informative. Too much information to make your mind stop working and just stare blankly at the screen.

Since green living is closely related to living healthy, I found my way into a lot of healthy living articles and dawdled with those for a few minutes (or maybe hours, I dunno). There was this article about drinking wat

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My Birthday gift wishlisht

This is the second time that I'm not too hyped with my birthday. Does this feeling come with age? Well, I don't dread growing old, in fact, I welcome the idea very much. Can't wait to be 25!

Anyway, it's probably because I know that birthdays now isn't how it used to be when I wasn't working yet. If I want a party, I have to spend for it. Since I rarely have money, I don't throw a party. I just ride with my mum's party. If she tells me to invite someone, I'd be glad to invite a few friends.

Also one big factor is the gifts. I know it's wrong to be materialistic, but there's something about ripping presents that's super duper extra satisfying. It makes me smile!!! :) Come to think of it, I don't mind what's inside the wrapper, I just want to rip out the paper and find something orange inside! Haha! I know it's not very environment friendly, but that paper is recyclable. I could turn it to craft paper or that paper trashcan that …

Paper's Not Really Saving The World

Local Effort
Working in Ortigas Center has it's perks. Everything's near. Malls, fast food, restaurants and hospitals. Another perk is that you get to experience what Pasig City's boasting about. It's the "Green City" of Metro Manila.

Pasig city is now prohibiting QSRs (quick service restaurants and/or fast food chains) to use plastic bags for

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My Calling - A Greener Earth

Small Things, BIG IMPACT
I've been trying to live "green" for the past years. I believe that even small efforts will someday amount to a BIG impact. It's like the concept of Pondo ng Pinoy (Fund of the Filipinos): Kahit maliit, basta't malimit ay patungong langit (Small things, when given constantly, is towards Heaven). Pondo ng Pinoy is a fundraiser project of the Catholic Church. It aims to gather funds from 25 centavo coins.

Like the Pondo ng Pinoy Project, I plan to do my part to help the earth be more sustainable. I may be just

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Privacy Policy - Visitor Rights

Privacy Policy -

Privacy Policy for
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Cookies …

Saving the Earth and Keeping My Weight in Check - STAIRS

I've never been a fan of elevators. Escalators, sure, but not elevators. Something about enclosed spaces, being inches apart from people you don't know, and being buoyed up and down by some rope is scary for me; but since I started working, I've been using the elevator constantly. It still makes me light headed, but then I can

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Going Green

I've always though of myself as being an environmentalist. I love nature and I do my part in helping preserve it. I feel that it's one of my missions in life. To help the earth sustain itself longer.

How I've helped
For years now, I've been helping in my own way, for a more sustainable environment. I've joined Earth Hour for 3 years already. I make it a point not to use plastic straws for my drinks, yes even for takeouts. Even if I'll drink the bevy during a car ride. No straws for me. As much as possible, I buy green eco bags when shopping, sometimes bring my own bag. When buying food (or anything actually), when I can carry the stuff

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Jollibee Longganissa Breakfast

I had a lot of time to kill this morning so I decided to eat breakfast somewhere to pass the time. I arrived at the office at 7am so naturally it's still closed. I can't sit on the floor cause I'm wearing a skirt so I had to go somewhere I can sit.

At first I wanted to go to 711 for a cheap breakfast, but realized that I wanted hot chocolate, so I dashed over to Jollibee Tycoon.

When I Got there, the place is already buzzing with early morning breakfasteers. Cool. So I'm not the only early person. Haha.

Anyway, Jollibee's breakfast menu comprises of traditional Filipino breakfast food (minus the plain pan de sal [de saw saw]). I love Jollibee's longganissa breakfast. So I ordered one, for dine in, with a hot chocolate and peach mango pie to boot. It cost me 112 Pesos. Bummer! So much for cheap breakfast! Haha! For 88 Pesos, you get to pieces of longganissa; a small, sunny side up, well done egg; and your choice of hot chocolate or pineapple juice, then the dif…

Information Security

It surprises me that a lot of people are giving away their information freely. No regard for their or others' security.

There are a lot of applications now that could pose as a threat. Social networking sites are examples of such applications that could be harmful for you in the long run.

How much are you worth?
Do you know how much companies would pay for information? Even for just simple demographics, like gender, age, location and nationality? Stuff as simple as that, companies would pay millions just to have it. Imagine how much information we put on our profile sheets in social networks? We put in our schools, our hobbies, pretty much everything about ourselves. Such information can be used by companies to make marketing strategies; to check how much of the market they have penetrated; to see which demographic (such as social class, gender, school, age, etc) would be most likely to buy their products. Which demographics would they target their ads and their products to. Imagin…

What is love?

I really am not in the mood to go into full blogging mode so here's just a few snippets off my brain on how I view love, or how to love me?:

I know that I love you because I decided to stay even if I have fallen out of loveLove is not a feeling. It's a choice; and I chose you.
I love you not because I need you, but because I want you.Don't tell me that you're sacrificing a lot for me. It's like your blaming me for your self inflicted pain. I'd rather you say, "I love making you happy"On the note of sacrifice, I don't sacrifice. It's either I want to to make you happy/at ease, I don't want to, or I'll compromise, but never ever ever sacrifice.I do expect you to know that "Ok lang" means it's not okay at all.When I'm quiet, there is something terribly terribly wrong. I'm boisterous. I rarely shut upWhen I'm enraged, that would be the best time to hug me, kiss me forehead and tell me you love me, even if I struggle…

Responsible Parenting and Prescription Condoms

I first heard about this in my favorite radio program "The Morning Rush" in RX93.1. They have this segment in the radio station called "News @17" where the DJs give various news on the 17th minute of every hour.

Again this is one of those, am i allowed to say stupid rules that people make up. Even the pop approves of condom use (in certain circumstances). What's the deal with these lawmakers anyway? It's not like condoms can harm the guy, nor the girl. Prescription is needed for drugs that may have dangerous side effects. What's so dangerous in a condom? Will you use it to strangle someone?

In the risk of being excommunicated, yeah I think the Philippine Church is wrong in condemning contraceptives, especially condoms.

Abortion What?

I still don't understand why preventing the sperm cells from reaching the egg cell is abortion. Last time I checked, abortion is not synonymous to prevention.

Cause and Effect

One problem facing the Philippines is poverty, a…

The Doraemon Syndrome

Last Sunday, during afternoon snack, Papa, my baby brother and I talking. I guess it had been a favorite past time of ours to bully my baby brother and rile him about his weight and his habits, because we eventually started bullying him. (Yes, Papa included). I dunno how we arrived at how my baby brother was like Nobita in Doraemon, but we did. Papa said that my baby brother's very much like Nobita who always regrets things. Papa said that at the start of the story, there's always something that Nobita has to do. As the story progresses, Nobita just carries on with what he wants and not what he's supposed to do, and when he's already in a tight spot, he'll realize his mistake and then turn to Doraemon for help. He'll borrow something or beg Doraemon to do something so that he can get out of the mess, or to fix the mess. Tsk tsk tsk. Nobita full of regrets and then using Doraemon to solve the problem. How very childish.

My baby brother retaliated by defending t…