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Ok, this day isn't turning out well. I wont elaborate on the other things that occurred today. It's just that what happened just now really pissed me off.

One thing I hate about technology is spam. SPAM. Spam, is something that the user received unsolicited.

Spam mail is tolerable. It's easy to delete them. One look at the subject and you knot it's spam.

Spam text is slightly tolerable. If your cell phone has a preview or shows the first few lines of the text, you'd know if you want to read the message or not

SPAM CALLERS! now that I hate.

Yeah, I can't tolerate spam text that are in the form of somebody wanting to be your text mate. I mean, come on! I really hate receiving those type of texts. I rarely get those though, cause my friends dont give out my number (THANK GOD) and I dont leave/write my number in public places. In the occasions that I do get spam texts, I don't reply to them. yeah! HELL TO SPAM TEXTERS!

Yesterday, I received a spam text. I didn't …

Teacher! Teacher!

I've been a teacher for 2 weeks and 2 days now. I can say that being a teacher is equally hard and satisfying. My experience is not as tough as most teachers though. For starters, I only have 9 students, sometimes 3. I don't need to bring test papers home just so I could return them on time. I don't need to make a lesson plan. HAHAHAHAHA *insert triumphant laugh here*

One of the joys of being a teacher is seeing that your students are able to understand what you are saying. It's like saying "Oh Yeah! I can teach! I can teach!" IT FEELS GOOD. DAMN GOOD :)

Now I know why smart students are teachers' favorites. These smart students give the teacher a sense of accomplishment. They get the lesson. They are able to do it by themselves! YESSSS!

It's kinda scary though, being a teacher. I mean, yeah I teach them everything I know and have learned but a person retains only a certain percentage of knowledge from school. So that fraction of knowledge that I learned…