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What makes a relationship strong?

I haven't blogged for a few weeks already, I was pre-occupied with a lot of things, and love seems to be the number 1 culprit that drains me of my time.

Bry and I are almost turning two, but it feels like it's been forever. I dunno if it's even a good feeling or not. Is it good because it seems that we know each other well now. It feels like we can overcome anything. It feels like we're strong. On the other hand, you know the saying time flies when you're having fun? If it feels like forever, then does it follow that I'm not having fun?

Then I wondered how do we keep a relationship strong? It doesn't matter whether it's romantic or not. Love may be of different forms, but it's still love. How do we keep the fires burning?

Is it need? Like how we need our parents? Is it what makes relationships strong?

I personally don't think it is the need. If love were based on need, then everyone is unhappy. If you need someone to complete you, if you need someon…

On Being Good and Discovery Channel's "The Colony"

Are you good? I believe that anybody can be good. There's an inherent goodness in anyone. Yeah, sure, some people are down right meanies, but still, they are good to other people right?

I was watching The Colony in Discovery Channel just a few minutes ago. The Colony is a show where the setting was an aftermath of a huge disasters. There are a few people who survived the disaster and they're working together to survive. They have to work for everything that they'll need. They have to scavenge, find ways to make ends meet. Sometimes, people will come and steal the supplies they worked hard for (bummer!). They'll have to do this for about 50 days.

There are also a few expers who are interviewed from time to time, to explain the behavior of the people. Mostly psychologists, who discuss the reaction of the people on the show. Also there's this narrator.

Anyway, some expert said that there are 5 basic necessities that people need.
SecurityOn day 1, the c…

Who's fault is it?

I know it's my fault, but still... IT SUCKS BIG TIME! There are a lot of reasons why it's my fault. I lacked hindsight and I just let what happened, happen. On the other hand, there a more reasons why it's not my fault. Like the other party's lack of being able to properly project, or anticipate what will happen.

But in the end, it will still boil down to me. It was my decision. So it's my fault. Don't you hate being responsible and mature? If I weren't I'd just point all my 10 fingers to the other party and rampage like mad! I'll throw a tantrum and backstab, and everything. Oh how I wish I was still in kindergarten!

I know I can't blog what really happened, so I'll just use a hypothetical scenario.

For example, a friend asked for a favor. You need to go somewhere, let's say in Bacolod, to do this favor for your friend. Your friend is willing to shoulder your airfare to and from Bacolod, no problem. The thing you'll do will take just …

Reservation in Heaven

I remembered the homily of our parish priest last sunday. I was struck about how simple he explained the Gospel.

The Gospel yesterday was about death and resurrection. Below is last Sunday's Gospel (Nov 7, 2010)

Gospel: Lk 20:27–38 (or Lk 20:27, 34–38)
Some Sadducees arrived. These people claim that there is no resurrection and they asked Jesus this question, “Master, in the Scripture Moses told us: ‘If anyone dies leaving a wife but no children, his brother must take the wife, and the child to be born will be regarded as the child of the deceased man.’ Now, there were seven brothers; the first married a wife, but he died without children; and the second and the third took the wife; in fact all seven died leaving no children. Last of all the woman died. On the day of the resurrection, to which of them will the woman be wife? For the seven had her as wife.”
And Jesus replied, “Taking husband or wife is proper to people of this world, but for those who are considered worthy o…

Top 10 Rules that I live by

Okay, so I was so pissed of this past few days, that I decided to post the rules that I live by in my FB account.

I was pissed because I believe in something that others do not. It really is just the reason why I get pissed off, why anybody gets pissed off, right? You can't persuade someone to share your opinion, and so you're pissed. It's really selfish of us right? Especially when we start looking for people who agree with us.

Anyway, here's my top 10:

You shall love your neighbor as You love yourself.Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. nufsed.Excuses are for LOSERS. Take responsibility.Gossiping and backstabbing are a double ended swords. Don't bother hurting yourself.Be careful who you betray. You don't know who you're dealing withMaking others look and feel bad to make yourself feel good is like feeling great for a fire that's destroying your houseIf you have nothing to do but to talk behind…

P-Noy this and P-Noy that

I'm not a P-Noy fan. I want to make this clear early on. I'm not a fan, definitely not a supporter. I'm just your average citizen, and probably more.

A trying-hard model citizen

I do try to live everyday by the law. I don't just cross the street, I cross on pedestrian lanes or over-passes. I don't litter. I obey traffic rules (not that I have a car but as a pedestrian and as someone who rides vehicles). I pay my taxes right. I earn clean and honest money. I'm just setting this straight because people might say I have no right to talk the way I am about to. Just to re-stress, I PAY MY TAXES RIGHT

For me though, P-Noy is so over-rated. People regard him like a savior of some sort. Come on! He hasn't even done anything concrete yet. All he did was sit on a chair during senate sessions and be a good kid to mumi and the best brother to his sisters. Quite frankly, he's just an average citizen like me, who had the chance to be senator (who knows, I m…