Who's fault is it?

I know it's my fault, but still... IT SUCKS BIG TIME! There are a lot of reasons why it's my fault. I lacked hindsight and I just let what happened, happen. On the other hand, there a more reasons why it's not my fault. Like the other party's lack of being able to properly project, or anticipate what will happen.

But in the end, it will still boil down to me. It was my decision. So it's my fault. Don't you hate being responsible and mature? If I weren't I'd just point all my 10 fingers to the other party and rampage like mad! I'll throw a tantrum and backstab, and everything. Oh how I wish I was still in kindergarten!

I know I can't blog what really happened, so I'll just use a hypothetical scenario.

For example, a friend asked for a favor. You need to go somewhere, let's say in Bacolod, to do this favor for your friend. Your friend is willing to shoulder your airfare to and from Bacolod, no problem. The thing you'll do will take just a short time, probably 1 hour to 5 hours tops. All your travel expenses you incur to do the favor will also be paid. Plus an additional 150 Pesos for your food. So seeing that what you need to do is fairly easy, you gladly accept your friend's offer.

The problem is, you have never been to Bacolod, and you don't know anyone from Bacolod, no one will be there to stay with you, except your rendezvous person (rendezvous person?, the person you'll meet to help you out on the favor). The person, is also just someone that your friend asked for a favor. They aren't friends either. Probably someone your friend paid.

Anyway, since you thought that you should have someone with you, you suggested this to your friend. The answer was yes, you could bring someone, but the expenses for that someone will not be covered. Also, if you decide to stay longer, hotel fees and food for the rest of the stay won't be shouldered by the friend asking for a favor.

Since you knew that your friend was a little tight on cash, you let it slide. You just bring someone with you, just to be sure. I mean, you'll never know if you need anyone right? That's what I learned in girl scouting anyway. Never be without your buddy/buddies, in case something happens to you.

So you happened to bring a sibling with you, just so you have someone to watch your back, and a vacation with your sibling. You asked your parents to shoulder the airfare, and they agreed. Of course. They wouldn't want you to venture alone. Ticket costs 6000 because it's pick season and you'll travel in a few days time. Quite expensive, but it's okay. So everything's great. You're just waiting for your departure.

A few days before you leave for Bacolod, the trip was cancelled. Your friend wasn't ready with the things needed for the favor, so your friend told you that the trip will be put off at a later date. Okay. So you cancel your hotel accommodations. Your friend called you a week after and told you the trip was back on. Also your friend told you that you need to pay for the extra air fare, so you paid and then reserved a hotel room again. A day before your departure, the trip was canceled yet again.

You wanted to cancel your sibling's ticket already because you were informed that the trip will really push through mid week, since your sibling can't miss school, you just wanted to cancel. You were informed prior, that the ticket can't be refunded, but you were insistent that it could be, so you were told after it was consulted to the travel agent, that the ticket was refundable, but not in full. You let out a sigh of relief, at least a part of the very expensive ticket will be refunded.

Then, after a few days, your were told that the trip could be moved on a weekend. GREAT! You can bring your sibling after all! YAY! So you called up your parents to tell them that you'll bring your sibling all along. YAY!

The day after your rejoicing, you were told that there was an, additional charge for the ticket, which was almost amounting to 4000 Pesos. WHAT?! Oh, and btw, the ticket is again, non-refundable. WHAT?! WHY?! Well, it's because the ticket was on promo and it had restrictions. What restrictions? Well, it can't be refunded, thats what.! OH CRAP!

So you decided that you don't want your sibling to come along after all. No way are you shelling out additional dough! So you call your mum up, who was so disappointed and disgusted! She goes and tells you(in a very irate voice) "Ano ba tong pinasukan mo?! Kausapin mo ng mabuti yung agent. Linawin mo. Kayo nalang ng papa mo magusap!" (What did you get yourself into? Talk to the agent again and clear the details up. Talk to your dad!). So you call up your dad and explain the whole thing, and he goes "Ano ba tong pinasukan mo?!" (Didn't you here this already?). So your dad goes and asks you to get a break down of why the additional cost amounted to such. So you gave him the break down (and you're already breaking down. What the hell did you get yourself into?!). He told you he doesn't have that money right now, but if you need someone with you, he'll find a way (Oh if you were with him, you could kiss and hug him!). So you tell him you'll be okay on your own. So he said, well then just charge the 6000 pesos to experience. At least now, you already know.

and you finally break down and cry, and blog teary eyed!


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