On Being Good and Discovery Channel's "The Colony"

Are you good? I believe that anybody can be good. There's an inherent goodness in anyone. Yeah, sure, some people are down right meanies, but still, they are good to other people right?

I was watching The Colony in Discovery Channel just a few minutes ago. The Colony is a show where the setting was an aftermath of a huge disasters. There are a few people who survived the disaster and they're working together to survive. They have to work for everything that they'll need. They have to scavenge, find ways to make ends meet. Sometimes, people will come and steal the supplies they worked hard for (bummer!). They'll have to do this for about 50 days.

There are also a few expers who are interviewed from time to time, to explain the behavior of the people. Mostly psychologists, who discuss the reaction of the people on the show. Also there's this narrator.

Anyway, some expert said that there are 5 basic necessities that people need.
  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Fire
  5. Security
On day 1, the colony was able to secure the first 4.

The thing that bothers me is that, 3 people came up to them and asked for food and water. Almost everyone was reluctant to give anything. They keep on telling the people that they have nothing.

One man however talked to the other members of the colony and told them that they should give them to boxes of milk, since it has a lot of protein, and one answered that they shouldn't give anything because they will just ask for more, or keep on coming back to ask for stuff. Worse is that if they come across other people as well and tell them that they have food there.

The good guy insist that they should give something, so they gave him a jug of water and 1 box of milk. The 3 outsiders though wanted for more, so there was a scuffle. Then 2 days later, the 3 outsiders had a mob with them and ransacked the colony's shelter. They took food and medicine.

When the 3 outsiders were asking for food, I was alarmed that the colony wouldn't even consider giving food, also when the mob attacked to loot them.

Although the mob was instructed to loot them, and the colony was informed of possible looters since after all, this is a show; I really was alarmed at how selfish people were.

It made me think, for how long and how far can you be good to others? Are you just good now because you have something to give? Because you are now well-off? because your life is stable? What about when it all boils down to a survival game? Will you be like the colony or the mob? be selfish? Just think of yourself or your group? Will you refuse food and water to people who are suffering the same predicament is you are?

It's easy to say "Yes, I'll be good. I'll share whatever I have.". It's easy cause we're not in that situation yet, but what if we were now? For example, a big earthquake hit your place. You can't seem to see that help is coming. You and your family are all alive, but you only have a limited supply of food and water. Then a group of mean looking thugs come, will you deny them of food and water? Sharing it may mean dwindling the supplies faster. Will you still help? Will you still be good?


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