Don't Run Off Thinking You're Right and Telling Everyone that They're Wrong: On the Black Nazarene, Among Other Things

This may be a late post but I just can't take it anymore. I am not a devotee nor an advocate of the Black Nazarene but sheesh, why don't the others just keep their ideas to themselves or to their groups?

A lot of people have been quoting the Bible about idolatry and fanaticism, how the Catholics have gone overboard with their devotion. How the Catholics pray and worship idols, like the saints and even *gasp* the Black Nazarene.

News Flash everyone, the Black Nazarene represents Jesus. JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR.The devotees and what you call the "fanatics" worship JESUS. What's wrong with worshiping God?

The Black Nazarene is merely a symbol of faith, a representation of Jesus at one point in his life.

Is worth the trouble? Is it worth dying for?
I haven't been to any of these public displays of affection to the image of the Black Nazarene, or of any saint for that matter, but I believe, if you truly love someone, anything is worth doing. They believe in Jesus and in Jesus' healing power, thus people go to witness his love. Some manifest their love and adoration by helping pull the carriage. Is that wrong? Tell me is it wrong to love God and tell me it's wrong to go to Jesus and ask for your or your loved ones' healing? 

Self Righteous Much?
Those who are casting stones on the Catholic faith, please stop assuming that you're right. Yes I know we have the Bible as our guide but can you personally guarantee that the people who pledge to do this every year will suffer the fires of hell? Only God can tell if we Catholics acted foolishly or not. It's not for you to decide. It's not for you to point fingers.

We should all learn something from our 'playground' days
When we were kids, we knew how to respect each other, or at least know to get along peacefully in the playground. You don't play on the seesaws when you see kids using it. You don't tell people off for using your favorite swing. Likewise, please learn how to respect our religion, just as we do respect yours. You don't see (or hear) us in tv and radio with tirades of nasty remarks about your religion. You don't see us posting in facebook nor twitter, our opinion about how you do things in your religion, so just please, respect us. I'm not saying don't talk about it, by all means, rant all you want, but do it in your group, unless you want to really start something up. Because really, a lot of us take our faith SERIOUSLY. We get hurt when people think wrongly of us, when people JUDGE us because we don''t do things in the normal expected way, as written by our ancestors, through the grace of God (Gee, doesn't that sound familiar? sounds like the *cough*pha*cough*ri*cough**cough**cough*).


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