Count your Blessings Insted of Sheep

With what's happening with me and my family, God, prayer and support from family & friends keep our wits together. With nothing to do in the hospital but to eat, sleep, watch tv and play games on the computer, I have had a lot time to think, reflect and be thankful, that despite the fact that we're going through this again because one of the graft's in papa's heart bypass wasn't properly done.

An "honest mistake" papa's cardiologist said. "We can't really blame the surgeon". Yeah, okay. Can't blame the surgeon about it, but we don't have deep pockets like them. I could rant on and on and on about how unfair it is but that won't take me anywhere. Instead I tried channeling this frustration into something positive.

I know that we should be thankful about this, because like last year, what we're doing is preventive. We're preventing the incident that one day, papa'll just collapse because of a heart attack. We should be thankful and I am really really thankful.

We should also be thankful, that even though the price for the angioplasty is expensive, we can still manage to pay for it, or rather, we have friends that are willing to lend the money, and that I know we are able to pay the debt off. I am thankful that we have the means resources to make the procedure possible.

I am thankful that everything's going on fine and that a lot of family and friends are praying for papa's speedy and full recovery.


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