Responsible Parenting and Prescription Condoms

I first heard about this in my favorite radio program "The Morning Rush" in RX93.1. They have this segment in the radio station called "News @17" where the DJs give various news on the 17th minute of every hour.

Again this is one of those, am i allowed to say stupid rules that people make up. Even the pop approves of condom use (in certain circumstances). What's the deal with these lawmakers anyway? It's not like condoms can harm the guy, nor the girl. Prescription is needed for drugs that may have dangerous side effects. What's so dangerous in a condom? Will you use it to strangle someone?

In the risk of being excommunicated, yeah I think the Philippine Church is wrong in condemning contraceptives, especially condoms.

Abortion What?

I still don't understand why preventing the sperm cells from reaching the egg cell is abortion. Last time I checked, abortion is not synonymous to prevention.

Cause and Effect

One problem facing the Philippines is poverty, and if you haven't noticed, the number of the poor is increasing; and if you haven't where have you been living in the past 10 years? I believe that the reason why we are so poverty-stricken is because we have too much poor people who are popping out babies like there's no tomorrow.

Aside from the fact that politicians keep on stealing our tax money, the rest of the money that's put to legitimate use are mostly spent on subsidizing for the poor, especially when it's nearing elections. If we had fewer poor people, then we don't have to subsidize as much. Politicians wouldn't appear as though they're doing everything they can to help the poor, just because the poor gets them the votes. (Hey corrupt politicians, shouldn't you be making the lives of those who PAY THE TAXES better than those who don't?). Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the poor, nor their uncontrollable urge to fornicate and get pregnant. All I'm saying here is, the lesser the poor people are, the more we can use the money to advance and improve our nation.

A Not So Slippery Slope

You're probably outraged now about how badly I think of the poor, but here me out first; and remember, this doesn't only apply to the poor, this also applies to the middle class, and every Filipino family who's struggling to make ends meet.

Here goes:

When I was in 4th year college, a rally was hosted by my alma matter regarding RH bill. There was this girl saying that the RH bill is bad because it prevents big families. She says that big families are great. Big families are happy families. I was like "What the hell is this girl saying?". Sure, big families are more fun than smaller families, but that means more expenses, more mouths to feed, more brains to fill, more laundry, more baths, more of everything, and almost everything has a price now. Big families are great, yes, IF you can afford it.

Lessening the number of poor people will of course start with fewer poor kids. Fewer poor kids means that the parents can somehow help their children IQ or EQ growth. Since they can spend more time with each kid. Some could even afford to send their children to a private school.

Children with better IQ and EQ will most probably get scholarships in acclaimed Colleges and Universities in the Philippines, maybe even abroad. Since most people have the "employee" mindset (Get a good education to get a good job), having kids who graduated college is a big help in the family already. Family status upgrade! Country status UPGRADE!

Another Valid Premise, STD

Okay, let's not concentrate on family planning. Let's look at the more humane reason for using condoms, but again, this is just applicable to condoms.

Condoms, as we all know helps in preventing the spread of STDs and STIs. Prostitution and promiscuity is rampant now, people should have a way of protecting themselves. The church can't turn their cheek on this reality. It is really happening. Preventing people to use condoms and risk STD is worse than having all that children to support. At least children and family for the most part, give joy to parents. STDs don't give joy to anyone. It destroys lives. Would the church rather have a very sick society?

The Other Hand

The only thing that I think should be banned are IUDs, I mean, this device can really hurt the girl, and it actually prevents the zygote (fertilized egg) to attach to the uterus, which of course, in itself, already abortion.

I get that the Church wants to accomplish here. They're still trying to keep the people pure, which is great. Though their judgement is really clouded here.

If they want to prevent pre-marital sex, have the law prohibit the selling of condoms to minors, not just the birth control pills and IUDs.

If they want to prevent extra-marital sex, have a law that allows buying of condoms by couple, with their marriage certificate or something. It's really hard to prevent extra-marital sex, and it happens even without condoms.

Laws prohibiting the use of contraceptives doesn't prevent STDs, Pre-marital and extra-marital sex. It will just increase the number of unwanted pregnancies, illegal abortions and people with STDs. What the Church needs to do is to teach the proper values in a way that it will stick to the minds of people. Do what they have to do in their own niche, not meddle in the political aspects of life


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