The Doraemon Syndrome

Last Sunday, during afternoon snack, Papa, my baby brother and I talking. I guess it had been a favorite past time of ours to bully my baby brother and rile him about his weight and his habits, because we eventually started bullying him. (Yes, Papa included). I dunno how we arrived at how my baby brother was like Nobita in Doraemon, but we did. Papa said that my baby brother's very much like Nobita who always regrets things. Papa said that at the start of the story, there's always something that Nobita has to do. As the story progresses, Nobita just carries on with what he wants and not what he's supposed to do, and when he's already in a tight spot, he'll realize his mistake and then turn to Doraemon for help. He'll borrow something or beg Doraemon to do something so that he can get out of the mess, or to fix the mess. Tsk tsk tsk. Nobita full of regrets and then using Doraemon to solve the problem. How very childish.

My baby brother retaliated by defending the show, saying that even if Nobita's like that, it's a good show, which papa countered by saying that it's not a good show at all. It teaches kids shortcuts. Then I remember that I posted somethng before (in Tumblr and FB) about instant gratification.

Instant gratification is very rampant right now. Everybody wants everything, and fast. Imagine how many fast food chains and fast food stand-alones are existing now? Why is ease of communication very important now? Why telco's are providing cheap rates for calling people up. Eveybody wants everything fast.

Instant gratifiction is two sides of a coin. It's both good and bad. It's good because through technological advancements and break-throughs we are now able to do much more. Doing a task that used to require 3 hours to do would now just take you an hour. BAM! Instant gratification at it's finest. Produtivity's getting a really really big boost due to instant gratification :)

On the down-side though, since we've acquired the instant gratiication mentality from being over-exposed to the benefits having having everything and doing everything fast, we tend to apply it in the subjective part of life. We now want our meals to cook faster, we now want our chores to be easier. We want to take the time from the tedious tasks and use the extra time for stuff that are unproductive, like playing for 40 hours on weekends or having your eyes glued on the boob tube until monday morning comes, and what's worse is that somehow, this mentality is slowly creeping up our logical faculties and start clouding our judgement. Young kids now want to do stuff that older kids do. older kids now want to do what teenagers and oung adults do. Teenagers and young adults now want to do what adults do. Thankfuly though the adults now don't want to do what old people do.

If you see the Y and Z generation now, you'll see what I mean.

It used to be that kids want to stay outdoors and play in the sun. It's such a chore to make them go back in the house to eat, to rest, to sleep, and especially to take a bath. They're always outside playing. They smell like they rolled on the pavement or somewhere putrid when they come home. Now kids are indoors playing with the computer or watching tv.

It used to be that teens stay indoors and talk to their prospective crushes or hang around with their friends, during DAYLIGHT. Now they go out at night and party, drink beer.

Young adults, sure they still go out and party, but now it's like they want to fornicate everywhere when drunk. They spend money like there's no tomorrow. You can see them owning the latest trends, just because they can and they want to. When it used be that you can only do that when you're kids have already graduated and you're enjoying your pension or salary by yourself/with your spouse.

Life's on the fast lane for everyone, and I bet like Nobita we'll be regretting living fast when we reach that age wherein you'd wish you were younger, or you'd wish that you did this and that. I bet mid-life crisis is worse for Generation Y and Z, and the worse part is, there's no Doraemon to save the day.


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