P-Noy this and P-Noy that

I'm not a P-Noy fan. I want to make this clear early on. I'm not a fan, definitely not a supporter. I'm just your average citizen, and probably more.

A trying-hard model citizen

I do try to live everyday by the law. I don't just cross the street, I cross on pedestrian lanes or over-passes. I don't litter. I obey traffic rules (not that I have a car but as a pedestrian and as someone who rides vehicles). I pay my taxes right. I earn clean and honest money. I'm just setting this straight because people might say I have no right to talk the way I am about to. Just to re-stress, I PAY MY TAXES RIGHT

For me though, P-Noy is so over-rated. People regard him like a savior of some sort. Come on! He hasn't even done anything concrete yet. All he did was sit on a chair during senate sessions and be a good kid to mumi and the best brother to his sisters. Quite frankly, he's just an average citizen like me, who had the chance to be senator (who knows, I might have the chance too).

I understand that his parents did a lot for our country and that he's just continuing their legacy, but that's the whole point isn't it? It's their legacy. Not his. THEIRS.

I also dislike the fact that he has fans. FANS for crying out loud! celebrity much? And what's this about his inaugural speech? Wasn't that a lot of trash talking? There's no point of crying over spilled milk. The way he's formulated his speech in attacking the previous government, you can pretty much infer that his 6 years as president would be devoted to chasing the bad guys and not for the betterment of the good guys (his bosses, us). Boohoo for us.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about going after the corrupt, it's just that I would prefer that his government focus more on education, family planning and livelihood programs which would surely be more productive than going after the corrupt officials who'd do their best to evade all his efforts

Open doors and windows
I'm not closing my doors and windows for him though. I do hope that he'll be a great president and shut me up. I wish that in his first 3 years we could see at least 3, good and concrete projects that would be for the benefit of the common good


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