The Win-win Solution

ok.. from my previous blog, i had this dilemma wherein i had to choose between my family and my responsibilities. Well, I really wanted to do both and GOD provided a solution for us.

There was one family, the Cabaluñas, who had to go late because they had other matters to attend to also. They were to leave antipolo at 3.. Mum said that I ask my co-officers to speed up the meeting so I could hitch with them. I decided that no matter what happens, i have to leave at 2:30, whether the meeting finished or not. My mum called at around 2pm to tell me that the Cabaluñas aren't leaving til 6pm, but I should leave the meeting at 3:30 just in case they leave early. So, at quarter to 4 I left the meeting which was very fruitful. We almost finished the agenda for the meeting before I left.

I got home at around 6pm. I met up with the Cabaluñas at 7. It was a fun trip. Talked to Nigel all the way. Got lost for about 3 hours ( I think) in batangas because of erroneous instructions (courtesy of my dad.. haha).

We had to go back twice in a zigzag.. because they said 1 km from the end of the zigzag. we had to turn right... well, we already drove 7 miles from the end of the zigzag and still nothing. so we went back to the zigzag then back again to where we were originally. Only to find out that it was more than 7km from the zigzag. My dad told us that he'll meet us in shell 300m from where we turned right. we went back and forth 3x this time. Only to find out that it was about 1-2 km from where we turned right. haha.

So when we got there i had to take a leak then Nigel and i had a drinking session. We drank fundador and we had no chaser. so we had to settle for air.. haha. When i decided that i'll need pulutan, we saw the 1/4 full baileys bottle. so we drank fundador chaser baileys. haha.

Slept at around 2 woke up 9am.swam 9:30 with Kenzo.. I kayaked with Karla. It was fun. we were rowing away from the kids who at the moment they saw me bringing the kayak jumped on it. We were somewhere deep in the lake and we didnt realize it, when it was nico's and nigel's turn to ride the kayak. Karla and i jumped in the lake. Karla still had the life vest on,i removed it so i plunged and i had to swim up fast. scarrry. Haha

at around 11:30, i taught Kenzo how to swim and i was successful. He now knows haw to swim (like a frog though). Kenzo also taught me how to get clams. We had a real blast looking for clams and just chatting away

After lunch i sang my heart away in the videoke. yay :D


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