Family vs. Responsibility

This saturday will be the general meeting of SITE. It was planned last april and its really pushing through despite its conflict with other school/org activities of our president.

This weekend, is the team building of the company my parents and their friends started. It will be in batangas, near taal lake..where we can kayak and mum said tito egay bought an inflatable jet-ski so we can jetski around the lake. Don't ask me what the jetski looks like or how it is able to move, turn etc.. I honestly don't know, though it sounds amazing.. imagine.. INFLATABLE.. hahaha

I really want to go to the team building, I really want to try kayak-ing.. I thought i could do that in bora..but they dont have kayak rentals (and wake boarding.. bummer.. all the water things i want to try despite the fact that I'm so scared of drowning.) plus the inflatable jet ski really caught my attention. I also want to know what sort of activities are done in team we could do those in SITE's team building.


I also want to attend the meeting, not only because that I have to sign papers, get to see my friends and enjoy a couple of hours away from the clutches of parents' tyranny, I want to attend the meeting simply because I like and ENJOY what I am doing.

I told my folks that i wouldn't join the batangas trip. I have a meeting and I'll stick to my responsibilities. My parents can't scold me for wanting to go to my org stuff, they know the benefits i reap from it, like the character building stuff I get. So they enticed me with the kayak and the INFLATABLE jet ski. They almost got me there.. haha.. then, they used the family card on me... i hate it... i feel so guilty but I WILL STICK TO MY RESPONSIBILITIES.


shang said…
that's why I hate having only give us choices in life

go for the one you love the most!! hehe(**kayaks and jet skis for me**)
knicnax said…
well we had a win win solution for that. there was one family who had to go late. so i joined them. we got lost in batangas pa.. we left 7pm ng antipolo..we arrived at past 12 midnight.. haha.. kayak was fun.. there wsn't any inflatable jet ski though :(

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