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Obey - Disobey, Drive - Bribe
I hate the traffic rules here in the Philippines. It is rarely applied on the roads. MMDA patrols and other traffic officers let you go if you give them 50 bucks or more. "Pang merienda" as they say. While driving, officers will flag you down and tell you which rule you are violating, when infact, you were just following a car infront of you, whom they didn't reprimand. Most times, invisible traffic signs are pointed out to you, saying you violated the goddam thing. The sign, if it really exists, is barely intelligible, let alone, readable.

It will take you about 5 to 30 minutes to get out of that mishap. To get out of it quickly, you'll need to know people from high places, like general whathisname, senator whoever or chief friedlumpia. This style works if you really know these people, otherwise it doesn't affect them at all. Usually, these "reprimanding OFFICERS" pave the way into the "merienda" gig, but sometimes you have to initiate it. 50 bucks'll do. sometimes even a 20 if they really invented the scenario.

Big sign, barely visible?
I commute on the way to school. I ride the LRT, get off at Legarda station, ride a pedicab or jeepney then walk to school. Before reaching UST, I have to cross EspaƱa cor. Lacson. There is a pedestrian lane painted on the street (duh), and there is a line preceding the pedestrian lane, an indication that vehicles should stop there, so as not to block the pedestrian lane. Drivers however - especial especially those who drive public utitlity vehicles, disregard this. They cross over the line, and block the pedestrian lane. The front of their bumpers are in line with the end of the center island, if they accelerate even just a little, the pedestrians have to walk on Lacson street, where vehicle traffic is crossing.

There are some who follow the line though, but the instant that a vehicle crosses that line, all front row cars will follow suit. As if "nalalamangan". You just have to be the car with the most extended front.

It really bugs me that there are MMDA's just across the street but they dont ward off those pesky drivers. What will those drivers get if they cross that effing line? They still need to stop and give way to the crossing traffic, and they'll still be first in their lane to cross the intersection when the stop light turns green. So why the hell cross that pedestrian lane and give the pedestrians a hard time crossing the street?

Is it so hard to step on the brakes a few meters or inches before that line?

Is it so inhumane for us Filipinos that some get ahead of us, that we need to be equal or greater than them?

Is it?


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