1. strong and sharp in taste: having a sharp strong unpleasant taste, for example like that of orange peel
2. resentful: angry and resentful
  • a bitter smile
  • 3. difficult to accept: painful or very hard to accept
  • a bitter blow
  • 4. hostile: expressing intense hostility
  • bitter fighting.
  • 5. very cold: penetratingly and unpleasantly cold
  • a bitter wind
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    Bitter is a common expression here in the Philippines. When you're bitter, you're sulking because things didnt go your way. You think that you deserved better, the person who wronged you was, well, wrong, and you, though not totally right, is mostly right. When you're bitter, you are no different to an egotistic Bastard.

    All you think about is yourself,

    1. how you are mostly right, or
    2. how badly you've been hurt, or
    3. how peeved you are in the injustice done to you, or
    4. all of the above
    There is no smaller package in all the world than that of a man all wrapped up in himself.
    - William Sloane Coffin, Jr

    In my opinion, being bitter isn't really that bad, it's just a person's way of reacting and coping to the stimulus/i life has given. We're not robots who can't feel any pain, nor are we sponges that just absorbs everything that happens to us. We are humans, with feelings. We feel everything in our world. It's alright to feel like the underdog, to be bitter. At least we're not hurting somebody else or other people at that.

    Bitterness only becomes a terrible fiend when you are wallowing in your bitterness too much that you become so saturated of bitternes that it turns to anger. When this happens, you let out your bitterness and anger through everything you do. You reach a higher level of egotistic Bastard, you are now an egotistic sonofabitch.. When you reach this level, you only don't think your almost right or a victim of injustice, you now think this way:
    1. REVENGE1! I will avenge my lost pride/credibility! I will hurt all those who wronged me
    2. REVENGE2! Why am i the only person experiencing this, i should also let those around me experience this. It's not fair that I'm the only one going through this
    3. REVENGE3! It's not fair that I experienced this. Even though I'm "over" it, I will let those who are lower than me/I can bully/are my subordinates feel the same way.
    "Sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel." ~Author Unknown
    When you reach this level, you are not human anymore. You have lost one of the most powerful tool that most humans posses. The power of empathy. The power of feeling. the power of being human. You are now a parasite, a leach, an egotistic sonofabitch with very low self esteem because you need people to bow down to you before you can fully enjoy living. You take joy in people's misery and it is painful for you to give other's happiness because you can't take they're happiness. You want them to be just like you. Never happy, never satisfied, never listens.

    "Arrogance and rudeness are training wheels on the bicycle of life -- for weak people who cannot keep their balance without them."
    - Laura Teresa Marquez

    Bitter people have the tendency to always find a way to continue their bitterness, nothing can banish the misery they have inflicted upon themselves. Solutions are always there, they just have to find it.

    Sometimes you have to listen to what others speak of you. Not just hear it and fill yourself with bitterness and anger. Listen, and there you will realize what monster you have become. When that happens, you'll know what to do.

    Post Disclaimer: If you feel that this was made to attack your person, then you are now a egotistic sonofsbitch and i recommend that you try releasing the anger welled up inside of you.

    Goof conversations are good starts. You may want to practicing listening, this way, more people would like to have a more fun and closer relationship with you


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