My BBS1 Adventure

Last weekend I attended our Church's annual Basic Bible Seminar 1. I really wanted to attend it this year but it was announced on such a short notice. My schedule was full-up that I thought I won't be able to attend.

The first day (night) of BBS1, I was supposed to have dinner with SDEHBF. He just arrived in manila after a week-long vacation in his province in Bicol. We were really looking forward to the dinner date. On the same night, my office friends planned a videoke party at a nearby bar. We were celebrating a lot of stuff, plus we had to spend the 2000 peso winnings we earned in last year's Christmas party. I had 2 dates already conflicting for the night, but I already worked out a plan to go with my friends first while waiting for SDEHBF's work shift to end, and then meet with him for a late dinner. But after all the planning that I did, I ended up doing neither and just attended the BBS 1 seminar. I just asked SDEHBF to pick me up at the Shrine at 10 pm so we could go home together.

I'm really glad that I decided to attend the seminar, I really felt enlightened and happy. Also, it was constantly mentioned throughout the 3-day seminar that the reason why we were there were not really the reason we thought it would be. They said that God called us, he made a way for us, and we answered His call. No matter what reason we may have, it is still because of God's will. Whenever I think about it, my hairs stand on end. Really... God's presence is here, and He's alive in me.

The reason why I joined BBS1 was because earlier this year I had a debate with an acquaintance over the Black Nazarene procession. That acquaintance of mine was a protestant and he posted something about it on the Facebook wall of the group we both belong. What he posted was against the people who zealously attend the Black Nazarene procession. He quoted Bible verses against what the people were doing. Naturally I felt really defensive about my belief. I don't go to the procession and I personally don't like the idea of risking your life for that kind of adoration, BUT if people really love God, and that's their way of showing it, then who are we to judge? If you reflect on how many people are there, it'll really make your spine shiver. That many people come together to show God reverence. To show God their love. It's a good thing. And here comes along someone who bashes those people, quoting Bible verses. Strongly implying that what they're doing is wrong. It made my blood boil.

I replied to his post explaining why these people act like this, and that we are not to judge them, because really, who are we to judge them? Who are we to dictate what is right and what is wrong in the eyes of God? We got in a heated debate and he kept on taking what I said literally. I had a response for every tirade of attack he unleashes on me. It came to the point that he attacked where the Catholics are weak. The Bible. He challenged me to back up my answers with Bible verses. He challenged me to interpret some Bible verses. I dodged them off saying I haven't read the Bible and that I can't interpret what he's given me because I need to read the whole book (or even chapter) for me to get the full meaning. It was with this that I stopped replying to his tirades and focused on getting answers for the his questions that I found difficult to answer, questions that are related to my faith and my religion.

I attended BBS1 to help myself find the answers, but lo and behold, God gave me the answers during the 3-day seminar. I was shocked. REALLY REALLY SHOCKED. For 3 days, the speakers and facilitators slowly answered the questions asked of me during the debate (which I answered, and my answers were based on my own reflection. I was looking for the answers given by my faith). When the last question (and most important one, mind you) was answered on the 3rd day, I my hairs stood on end. There were chills on my spine. My head was abuzz. Seriously, God works in ways that will pleasantly shock us. Right there and then I was so sure that I wasn't in the seminar because I just wanted to. I attended because God intended for me to find out the answers. On that moment, too, I realized, that I still have one more mission. I called my first discovered mission, my personal mission (living green and educating others about it). I called my newly discovered mission my "prophetic" mission. Not that I consider myself a prophet, no not that. It just sounded good, and related to what my mission was. To spread God's words. To speak to people about God. To send out and tell everyone God's message.


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