Life Lessons I Learned at Splash Island

Last Saturday was our annual company outing. This year, we went to Splash Island and had a "splasing good time". Through the course of the day (until midnight), I learned and remembered a lot of valuable lessons. Here are some of them: 1. No matter how tired you are, you'll still enjoy and tire yourself even more when you're with friends. 2. Friends are there to coach you and help you conquer your fear (even though they don't phrase it properly) 3. Friends will always, always give a helping hand, especially in dire need. 4. No matter how much you hate the guts of your friend, you still can't find it in your heart to tell on him 5. There are levels in friendship. Our goal should be to be at the top level. 6. You can do anything if you can face the consequences 7. What's worse than doing something wrong? Seeing someone who's doing something wrong and not correcting it. 8. The stupidest and simplest of things can give us utmost happiness. 9. Think before you act. What you're doing might damage your friendship 10. Self control is something that everybody should learn. 11. When pushing the limits, have a friend near the limit, in case you can't handle what you started. 12. Competition is healthy among friends, but you should know when to stop. 13. You don't have to prove to your friends that you're good at something, especially at someone's expense. 14. When you have to justify what you did, chances are, you did something wrong. 15. Don't tell someone they're fat when they're about to eat. 16. Some scars go waaaay deep. Better be carefuk. 17. Food tastes best when shared. 18. Anger will get you nowhere. Pray for your anger to just ebb away 19. Love is the best remedy for tiredness. 20. Rest is good.


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