Teacher! Teacher!

I've been a teacher for 2 weeks and 2 days now. I can say that being a teacher is equally hard and satisfying. My experience is not as tough as most teachers though. For starters, I only have 9 students, sometimes 3. I don't need to bring test papers home just so I could return them on time. I don't need to make a lesson plan. HAHAHAHAHA *insert triumphant laugh here*

One of the joys of being a teacher is seeing that your students are able to understand what you are saying. It's like saying "Oh Yeah! I can teach! I can teach!" IT FEELS GOOD. DAMN GOOD :)

Now I know why smart students are teachers' favorites. These smart students give the teacher a sense of accomplishment. They get the lesson. They are able to do it by themselves! YESSSS!

It's kinda scary though, being a teacher. I mean, yeah I teach them everything I know and have learned but a person retains only a certain percentage of knowledge from school. So that fraction of knowledge that I learned and passed on, will be much much smaller in my students' brains. And that's just the lack of knowledge.. what if I teach them something wrong??? YIKES!

There are also a few things I realized that helped me understand my previous mentors

  1. Seldom will you find a teacher that checks the solution a student wrote. I gave a quiz that have very short solutions. After thoroughly checking 3 papers, I gave up. I just checked their final answer. Now I know why sometimes, solutions have no point at all
  2. Teachers want students to box or encircle their final answers because if the student's hand writing is like... I can't describe it... the teacher will have a hard time finding it; or worse just not give them any merit for the "scribbling" they have done on their paper
  3. Cheating ticks of instructors because it's like a subtle way of saying that the student's didn't understand a thing.
  4. Students that are not listening and doesn't perform well is torture!!!!
Walang teacher na yumaman

Thinking about it, teachers do give their damn best to their students. They are giving a portion of themselves to their students and the only worthwhile payment they get is when they see or hear that their students' are excelling or have excelled in school or work.

This goes out to all the teachers I had. My heartfelt thanks and love. I am molded into who I am because of the different portions of yourselves that you have given me

  1. Teacher Cherry
  2. Teacher Rose
  3. Mrs. Nieva
  4. Ms. Cruz
  5. Ms. Gallego
  6. Mr. Gonzales
  7. Mr. Eulalia
  8. Mr. Lim
  9. Mrs. Lim
  10. Mrs. Miranda
  11. Ms. Lesaca
  12. Ms. Tolentino
  13. Sir Yap
  14. Sir Sta. Maria
  15. Sir Nalayog
  16. Sis. Myra
  17. Sis. Rose
  18. Mrs. Roxas
  19. Mrs. Alunan
  20. Mrs. Pandela
  21. Ms. Balein
  22. Ms. Mau
  23. Ms. Bom
  24. Ms. Lastierre
  25. Ms. Pimpullo
  26. Ms. Mananquil
  27. Ms. Ignacio
  28. Mrs. Asuncion
  29. Mrs. 3rd yr. english teacher
  30. Ms. Bacus
  31. Mrs. Barozzo
  32. Mommy Mars
  33. Sir Rambongga
  34. Sir Morsiquillo
  35. Sir Odchi
  36. Sir Maranan
  37. Sir Panoy
  38. Sir Ulysses
  39. Ms. Abao
  40. Mrs. Abao
  41. Ma'am Javier
  42. Ma'am Mitch
  43. Ma'am Cosme
  44. Ma'am Cha
  45. Ma'am Narcisso
  46. Ma'am Kat
  47. Sir Ponay
  48. Sir Kesh
  49. Sir Dota
  50. Sir Jale
  51. Sir Bernabe
  52. Sir Mike
  53. Sir Cerezo
  54. Sir Siwa
  55. Sir Carreon
  56. Sir Verg
  57. Sir Cabero
  58. Sir Jess
  59. All those that I forgot to mention because of my faulty memory


simplyDoTa said…
hey, welcome to the club. i hope you'll bring out the best in every eager and learning soul. God bless and be happy in what you do.
knicnax said…
thanks sir! I always keep in mind the methods most of my teachers in UST. I had a class where a friend was listening via YM. He told me that i'm like a morph of all our teachers in UST. haha

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