My 21st

This is a rather late post. It's almost a month since my birthday, but I promised myself that I'll blog how Bry made my birthday really special.

It started off at my "salubong" party(Aug 4). He mingled with my/our friends and my office mates as well. There were also thrills during my birthday and a lot of talking. I really enjoyed my salubong and the HUG I got from him when the clock stuck 12! yay!

Bry and my/our friends went home at around 7pm, Aug 5. Bry still had work that day despite the non working Holiday imposed by the government. (Business is business as he say).

I stayed at home for the rest of the day, hid from the visitors which were mostly kids (mum's guests with their over-active kids. ok they're not over active, but I soo dont like kids!). Made a video presentation for fr. neil's birthday and watched the late president Aquino's funeral; cried at the replay of Kris Aquino's speech, blew out the candles of my yema cake, ate cake, ate merienda and finally by 6pm Bry arrived at home.

I was really touched, given the fact that he didn't sleep well here (sitting on a chair with his head rested on the table) and he worked the morning, he was still able to take me out for dinner.

We attended a 7:15 novena mass because It's my birthday (he's not Catholic btw) then headed out to eat.

We were supposed to have dinner at fancy resto, but then he saw the spa beside the front gate of the subidvision i live in. We decided to give it a try and had an hour's worth of massage and alone time! :)

It was already late when we headed out of the spa. 9 or 10 pm. Malls are closed and I'd rather not head out to the brickroad. It's noisy there and the route is dangerous so we settled for BK. We walked along Marcos Highway and talked again. We ate and talked at BK and finally went home.

I thought my birthday was over but the weekend of my birthweek, Bry and I went to Aranque and he bought me a Siamese kitten. I named her Aki after Aranque. So now we have our first baby! he's been really supportive of taking care of Aki :)

So that's my 21st bday experience! It was soooo fun because of my boyfriend! thanks babe!


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