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Jollibee Longganissa Breakfast

I had a lot of time to kill this morning so I decided to eat breakfast somewhere to pass the time. I arrived at the office at 7am so naturally it's still closed. I can't sit on the floor cause I'm wearing a skirt so I had to go somewhere I can sit.

At first I wanted to go to 711 for a cheap breakfast, but realized that I wanted hot chocolate, so I dashed over to Jollibee Tycoon.

When I Got there, the place is already buzzing with early morning breakfasteers. Cool. So I'm not the only early person. Haha.

Anyway, Jollibee's breakfast menu comprises of traditional Filipino breakfast food (minus the plain pan de sal [de saw saw]). I love Jollibee's longganissa breakfast. So I ordered one, for dine in, with a hot chocolate and peach mango pie to boot. It cost me 112 Pesos. Bummer! So much for cheap breakfast! Haha! For 88 Pesos, you get to pieces of longganissa; a small, sunny side up, well done egg; and your choice of hot chocolate or pineapple juice, then the dif…