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My 21st

This is a rather late post. It's almost a month since my birthday, but I promised myself that I'll blog how Bry made my birthday really special.

It started off at my "salubong" party(Aug 4). He mingled with my/our friends and my office mates as well. There were also thrills during my birthday and a lot of talking. I really enjoyed my salubong and the HUG I got from him when the clock stuck 12! yay!

Bry and my/our friends went home at around 7pm, Aug 5. Bry still had work that day despite the non working Holiday imposed by the government. (Business is business as he say).

I stayed at home for the rest of the day, hid from the visitors which were mostly kids (mum's guests with their over-active kids. ok they're not over active, but I soo dont like kids!). Made a video presentation for fr. neil's birthday and watched the late president Aquino's funeral; cried at the replay of Kris Aquino's speech, blew out the candles of my yema cake, ate cake, ate meri…