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Information Security

It surprises me that a lot of people are giving away their information freely. No regard for their or others' security.

There are a lot of applications now that could pose as a threat. Social networking sites are examples of such applications that could be harmful for you in the long run.

How much are you worth?
Do you know how much companies would pay for information? Even for just simple demographics, like gender, age, location and nationality? Stuff as simple as that, companies would pay millions just to have it. Imagine how much information we put on our profile sheets in social networks? We put in our schools, our hobbies, pretty much everything about ourselves. Such information can be used by companies to make marketing strategies; to check how much of the market they have penetrated; to see which demographic (such as social class, gender, school, age, etc) would be most likely to buy their products. Which demographics would they target their ads and their products to. Imagin…

What is love?

I really am not in the mood to go into full blogging mode so here's just a few snippets off my brain on how I view love, or how to love me?:

I know that I love you because I decided to stay even if I have fallen out of loveLove is not a feeling. It's a choice; and I chose you.
I love you not because I need you, but because I want you.Don't tell me that you're sacrificing a lot for me. It's like your blaming me for your self inflicted pain. I'd rather you say, "I love making you happy"On the note of sacrifice, I don't sacrifice. It's either I want to to make you happy/at ease, I don't want to, or I'll compromise, but never ever ever sacrifice.I do expect you to know that "Ok lang" means it's not okay at all.When I'm quiet, there is something terribly terribly wrong. I'm boisterous. I rarely shut upWhen I'm enraged, that would be the best time to hug me, kiss me forehead and tell me you love me, even if I struggle…

Responsible Parenting and Prescription Condoms

I first heard about this in my favorite radio program "The Morning Rush" in RX93.1. They have this segment in the radio station called "News @17" where the DJs give various news on the 17th minute of every hour.

Again this is one of those, am i allowed to say stupid rules that people make up. Even the pop approves of condom use (in certain circumstances). What's the deal with these lawmakers anyway? It's not like condoms can harm the guy, nor the girl. Prescription is needed for drugs that may have dangerous side effects. What's so dangerous in a condom? Will you use it to strangle someone?

In the risk of being excommunicated, yeah I think the Philippine Church is wrong in condemning contraceptives, especially condoms.

Abortion What?

I still don't understand why preventing the sperm cells from reaching the egg cell is abortion. Last time I checked, abortion is not synonymous to prevention.

Cause and Effect

One problem facing the Philippines is poverty, a…